How it works

The Property Finder is a FREE independent service which aims to help you find your ideal new home as quickly and as easily as possible.

We can help you find your new home in five simple steps;

  1. You tell us what type of property you are looking for by completing the Property Finder Form and clicking 'Submit'
  2. We'll approach local agents on your behalf and ask them to provide details of properties which best suit your needs
  3. The agents will review their stock and send us details of properties which best suit your property criteria
  4. We will then pass this information back to you via email
  5. You then review these details and make contact with the relevant agent(s) with the most suitable property and arrange any viewings and potential purchase/lease

This is an independent service entirely focused on helping you find your ideal property. There is no financial incentive for us to show you specific or higher priced properties. Our aim is to give you access to all properties available within the local market to give you the best chance to find your ideal new home.

This service is 100% free to users looking for a new home. We do not charge any fees to people using this search tool.

The form on the Property Search page has various categories which all need to be completed and then submitted to us using the 'Submit' button at the bottom.

The region field is an open field where any local regions can be inputted. Any number of local regions can be put in here or you could simply insert 'Any'. We will search for properties in all of the areas that you want us to.

The information that you submit through this form will not be passed on to any other companies or organisations. The only information we will pass onto agents will be your specific requirements regarding your ideal property. The local agents will not be able to get in contact directly with you.

As soon as you submit your specific property requirements we will pass this information onto the agents. They will then review the properties they have available and forward us details of relevant properties that best suit your criteria. On receipt of these property details we will forward these onto you by email for you to review. It will then be your responsibility to contact the relevant agents to arrange any viewings and hopefully any purchase/lease.

We will continually request property details from the agents on your behalf until you have found and purchased/leased your new home. We ask you to inform us by email as soon as you have agreed any purchase/lease so that we can terminate your search. We will also stop your search at any time if requested to by yourself.

If your specific property search requirements change at any time (e.g. you would like to look into other regions OR if your budget has changed) you can email us on to let us know of these changes and we will change your property search details accordingly. Again, any revision to your search details will not incur any charges.

If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to email them to